Just like Rome, your business organisation was not built in a day! It must have taken days, months and probably even years for you to get where you currently are. It is never easy to start and run a business venture successfully in this age of tough competition.

However, there may be times when you are not able to connect with your customers in spite of giving them the best products and/or services. This is one of the most common issues faced by entrepreneurs across the globe. The reason behind this issue is one simple word – competition.

The market today has such a tough competition that some of the sectors are about to get saturated with similar players! No matter how creative you get in coming up with a new product or service, there are very high chances of other businesses already dealing in the similar sector.

This limits your chances of growing and creating your own niche in the market. If you are new entrant, this won’t give you enough breathing space to thrive and flourish.

However, shutting down the business and sitting idle at home is not an option. So, what should be a probable solution to this problem? It is simple – tell your story to the world!

What Is Brand Storytelling?

Everyone loves stories. It is always interesting to know what an individual has gone through in their lives, their struggles, their challenges and all the significant events that shaped them into the person they are.

Same is the case with brands. No brand can emerge out of thin air and start functioning smoothly in no time. Every brand has a story of its own that would interest their customers. Wouldn’t you want to know the story of your favourite show brand – how the initial idea was conceived and what struggle it went through?

This concept of telling the story of your brand publicly is known as brand storytelling. If any business feels that it has become stagnant or has not been able to gather enough attention from its customers, it is advisable to try brand storytelling.

Another advantage of brand storytelling is the fact that no matter how generic your product is, your brand story would always be unique. This can further give you an edge over your contemporaries if you present your stories in the best way possible.

You can be a chain of restaurants and share the story of the first dish you cooked. You can be a sports shoe-selling brand and talk about the sportsman that inspired you to start with a shoe business. You can be a bank and talk about how you went out of your way and encouraged your customers to be careful about scams – be it informing people to have written lease documents or simply checking for PPI in case they were sanctioned a loan.

All you have to do is be creative and choose the best medium and style to tell the story of your brand to the world. Never fear about your story not being interesting. There will always be certain customers interested to know more about the brand that they have otherwise merely seen in shopping malls and departmental stores!

Components Of Brand Storytelling

According to Neil Patel, an internet marketing expert, there are generally the following three components of brand storytelling:

  • The reason for inception of your company and the idea that germinated into the brand that it currently is
  • The factors that motivate you and your team to come to work every day and give their best in order to make the brand grow
  • Giving your audience a look at the inside of your company in an interesting and engaging manner

Best Examples Of Brand Storytelling

There are several brands that have succeeded in telling their story in the most engaging way possible. Out of those, here are two of the best examples of brand storytelling and their stories in brief:

High Brew Coffee

It won’t take much time for you to know the firm’s story once you visit their official website. David Smith, the founder of the company had once gone on a rafting trip with his family for six months through the Caribbean. In this trip, he got an idea of starting with a business selling cold brew coffee. This story has been interestingly and very briefly written on their official website.


A significant part of brand storytelling revolves around the target market you’re catering to. Beard-brand is a firm dealing in beard care products. The founder, Eric Bandholz, started out with a simple blog and a YouTube channel. Through these platforms, he used to share tips for men that dealt with taking good care of their beard. Looking at the responses, he started realising that there is a strong market for beard care products.

Such stories would bring in more interest and inclination towards a brand, and it might even save it from disappearing from the market, too!


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