How to Identify if Your Car needs a Repair Work


If you know your vehicle well, it would come naturally to you, understanding when your car needs a thorough repair work. Trusting your senses would really make sense. Have a look around your car when you hear any strange noise, sense how your car is responding to your instructions and do not ignore if there is any weird smell oozing out.

There can be thousands of issues cropping up, and the list would be a never ending one. But things which can damage the car severely and you cannot take it any further shouldn’t be ignored on any grounds. There is never an alternative to road accidents but going for a Collision Repair. Similarly, these following issues would fall under emergencies when you should not postpone a repair work ever.

The Steering Wheel

The front wheels or the worn steering components like the ball joint or the idler, can suddenly make your car wander at different directions and you might find difficulty driving on a straight line.

The Pulling Issue is referred as the vehicle’s tendency to continuously steer either to the left or right which can be caused because of under-inflated tyres, or if there is any serious damage with the front end like malalignment.

The Rides and Responses

At times a worn-out shock absorber or any other suspension components,an improper tyre pressure can cause uncontrolled cornering. To know if they need a replacement, try bouncing the vehicle hard in both up and down directions on each wheel and then leave.Have a count on how many times the vehicle was bouncing.Weak shocks would bounce the vehicle twice or even more.

Keep an eye on the tyre balancingevery time you fill them. If there is anyimbalance in the tyres, it could create a vibration in the vehicle and as a result might wear away the steering and suspension components soon.

Working on Brakes

Brakes are directly related to your safety on the roads. An issue in the brake should never be ignored. To check if everything is alright, take a note on these symptoms. A visit to the repair would be advisable if,

  • The vehicle is pulling towards one side whenever brakes are applied.
  • The brake pedal is sinking to the floor during a press.
  • A sound or feel of scraping or grinding is occurring during using the brakes.
  • The “brake” light is lit on the instrument panel.

The Engine

If the following symptoms are noticed in your car it indicates that there is a trouble with the engine. Schedule a repair work immediately in that case.

Difficulty in starting off the engine.

The “check engine” light is lit on the instrument panel.

Acceleration is suffering.

Fuel is not economized anymore.

The Transmission

From an actual component failure, poor transmission performance might be observed.The same can happen if there is a simple disconnection with the hose or a plugged filter. But if these symptoms are showing up, it is time to repair the transmission:

  • An abrupt shifting while changing gears.
  • There is a delayed or no response while changing from neutral to drive or vice versa.
  • Failing to perform normal acceleration.

Summing Up

If your car is going through any of these, you are not supposed to delay any longer to visit an Auto Body Shop.