Every year many trends become a hit. They give you a chance to invest in them and get some profit out of them. You must keep an eye on them as they might switch from one to another. You must grab the

opportunity and make it profitable.

Following are the top 6 trends of social media.

  1. Videos: Social media is incomplete without videos. Most of the advertising campaigns believe that videos are the best source to accomplish the goal of reaching their message to the viewers.

In fact, viewers also believe that videos are far better than the written content as the message retains in their mind for a bit longer. Says Ed Cal Media Agency.

What to do?

 Create intriguing videos with eye-catching content.

 Shorter videos are always better. No one has time to watch lengthy ones.

Hook the viewers in the first 10 seconds. The rest he will watch with his interest.

Videos must not be bound to laptops only. Make them mobile friendly.

  1. Live Streaming: These days events are being covered by live streaming. Thanks to the biggest social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube and

Musical.Ly where live steaming is achieving new milestones. People are more interested in watching an event live rather than in a plain text form. According to statistics, the market of lie streaming can reach up to around $70 billion.

What to do?

Do live product advertising.

Do live product promotions.

Give live news.

In a nutshell, go live.

  1. Brand appearances: Brand and customers, both go hand in hand. Brands understand their needs and requirements while customers co-operate with them and give them profits. Most of the social media platforms which involve messaging platforms are covered by brands. These messaging platforms such as Whatsaap, Messenger, WeChat, QQ and Snapchat are direct sources to the user cum customer.

What to do?

Create conversational messages for your clients which buy their interest.

Create an environment to know your client better through a short Q/A round on these


  1. Mobile-ready content:We are witnessing the mobile industry growing at a surprisingly fast speed. We know that the demand for better mobiles is going up day by day. Parallel to this, the

content viewed by a person on mobile must be friendly enough to give him the benefit.

Therefore all social media platforms especially the top three ones, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to keep their content mobile friendly.

What to do?

 Prefer scrolling over pagination.·

 Images must not lose their quality on mobile screen.·

 The content must be intriguing.·

 Headings must be short and precise.·

  1. Artificial Intelligence &Chatbots: In a business, t is utterly important to keep in touch with your customers. To maintain their interest in your business you need to show them that you still

know them and care for their needs and demands. From marketers to your customers create a fluent communication relationship you must use social media platforms like Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

What to do?

Know what the audience wants.

Collect important data.

Update the information.

 Pick up to date models.

  1. Generation Z:This generation is considered to be the natives of social media platforms. This generation involves people who are born from 1995 to 2012. The social media platforms they

generally use are Facebook, twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. Their influence on these social media platforms is huge.

What to do?

Create strong relationship with Generation Z.

 Know their needs.

Observe their influence.

These are the top 6 trends of social media from https://newswirenext.com/ which needs attention. You better not miss them out!


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