Nobody wants to be a loser. Everyone wants to do extraordinary things or even the most ordinary things, but turn out well. Turn out very successful.

Having established that no pill will make you successful and that you have to take some bitter pills from life to be successful, and seeing that some payroll remittance professionals are more successful than others, it begs the question – what makes the grain of the most successful people we know? Do they have magic hands and minds? Perhaps. But, look into something else – their skills. A unique set of skills breed success.

Wouldn’t you want to be successful? First, understand that skill is the unified force of intellect, experience, and passion. You need to strive to improve your skills consistently to enjoy success in life and your work. Note that every skill you acquire will double your odds of success. So, which are the life-changing skills?


Being gritty will make you successful. But, what does it entail? Grit is all about working strenuously towards your challenges while maintaining an effort plus interest, in spite of adversity, failure, a plateau in your progress, and boredom. It takes passion, self-discipline, and perseverance to push you forward amid obstacles.

As a skill and trait, grit could be cultivated. However, you have to push yourself – no one can push you towards success. Individuals with grit didn’t wake up gritty, they learned and practiced the skill over time. So, to be successful, you have to be willing to go through the pain while focusing on your goal for as long as it takes. You have to push past the obstacles.

Can you master failure

You have to fail to succeed. To succeed, you have to fail, for it is through failure that you learn the ropes that will lead you to success.

With life being a playbook for learners, you have to embrace failure as the path to success. In everything you do, your success will depend on how to fine-tune failures and what you learn from the situations.


Technology isn’t the only thing that is becoming adaptable. You have to be adaptable too if you want to succeed. With the world changing at an ever-increasing pace, do you have what it takes to sail through the changing raging storms?

For your success, you need to hone the ability to change or to be changed, despite your level of intelligence. Survival of the fittest in the story of the evolution shows just how important adaptability is to our success.

Being adaptable will help you dwell on your new circumstances and to stay on top of things. You also need the insight to get a fresh perspective. To remain relevant, you have to be adaptable.

Learning, Unlearning and Relearning

As mentioned above, you have to develop the ability to adapt rapidly. That means that you have to unlearn what you knew, learn and relearn. You need learning agility.

Your success depends on your ability to make changes in your career proactively. Changes that will help you find yourself. The old rules may not work now, so, learn the new rules and make them work for you.

Critical thinking

How do you conceptualize, analyze, synthesize and apply information? Are you a critical thinker? Do you have the innate ability and desire to seek, the fondness to meditate, patience to doubt, the slowness to assert, the readiness to consider, and do you have the carefulness to dispose or set in order, as well as hatred for imposture? You need these skills for problems solving or decision-making. You should solve problems from different angles, in elegant and unexpected ways.

Emotional intelligence

Do you have the ability to handle yourself, others, and to handle things happening around you? Your emotional intelligence radar should be up -you should excel at interpersonal interactions by being highly responsive, empathetic, good at listening, and being self-aware.


If you want to be successful, learn and nurture these skills.


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