Which Is A Better Option? Window AC or Split AC


There are huge offers for air conditioners, now. You can purchase them and keep them for the summers because prices of air conditioner really get high at those times. Now, we have all heard about window and split AC. Before we decide on which AC to invest, let us make a comparison between them.
Comparison between Window Ac and Split Ac:

  • Design: The Window AC is one whole unit and unlike split AC it is not divided into two components.
  • Components: The window AC has condenser, expansion valve, compressor and cuboidal components that work as single unit. The split AC has the evaporative coil which is indoor AHU’s (Air Handling Unit) part. The condenser and compressor are the external parts.
  • Space factor: Window AC takes up less space.
  • Capacity: The capacity of window AC is 0.75 ton to 2 ton and that of split AC is 0.8 to 2 ton.
  • Installation: There are easy to install unlike split ACs which might need professional help to install.
  • Noise Factor: Window AC makes more noise than split AC. LG split air conditioners also available in Amazon almost make no noise.
  • Servicing: Window AC are easy to maintain are the components are compact. Split AC require technical help for servicing.
  • Cost: Split AC are costlier than winder AC.
  • Applications: Window Apparatus are used in small office and rooms. Split ACs are good for cooling large areas and commercial purposes.

Which Is Better? Window AC or Split AC

Now there are certain factors that you need to look upon before deciding which AC to purchase:

  • Space: Split ACs have the advantage that its outer unit can be installed in any distance if there is air ventilation. But window ACs require window or some end of the room where ventilation is nice. If window ACs are installed in some other place for sake of interior design, it may not give proper service.
  • Ease of Installation: Although split ACs are difficult to install only a small hole for passing the wire connection IDU to ODU is enough. Window ACs on other hand requires a bigger opening for fitting the entire AC.
  • Electricity Consumption: The split ACs take up less electricity as its ODU is installed outside and the heating components are placed in proper ventilated areas. So, in auto mode it cools the room faster.

We have discussed the benefits of buying both window and split AC. Depending upon the requirements, you can decide which is better? Window AC or split AC. You can also check from Amazon for prices of LG ACS. They also provide some exciting offers this season. Hurry up and grab yours!


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